Why Communities & Relationships Drive Sustainable Business Growth, Not Sales

Why community is important for customers

  • Communities of transaction — where members can complete transactions like buying wines, or booking accommodation, and lacks a social element
  • Communities of interest — members socialize around a shared interest like gardening, motorbikes, or a particular product like ProdPad
  • Communities of fantasy — members engage in creating new environments, personalities or stories, like creating fantasy sports teams
  • Communities of relationship — members congregate around important life experiences and form deep relationships, such as surviving an illness.

What is community marketing?

The benefits of communities

  • If customers truly believe in your brand, they will become brand advocates — and happy customers tell nine people about their experience. This is also known as word-of-mouth marketing, and could cross over into influencer marketing. Customers prefer to buy products recommended by people they know.
  • View your communities like a type of customer loyalty program meets influencer and word-of-mouth marketing. Communities can leverage the power of reciprocity on a larger scale, and help you with your customer marketing efforts.
  • Communities are important for customer retention when your competitors are often now just a click away. An emotional connection is the only thing that ultimately differentiates your brand or product in the eyes of your customers, unless you provide a very niche product or service. Communities offer an abundance of emotional connections, and are ultimately about building relationships.
  • Communities can help you gather feedback for your product or brand, because you can send them surveys with beautiful survey software like Nicereply, and create a better customer experience. You can easily test out initiatives before implementing them, and also find out what your customers want the most.
  • Forums are a popular way to answer customer questions. Your customers can help each other out without requiring the intervention of one of your agents, ultimately saving you time and resources.

Driving sustainable business growth

Communities can happen anyway





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Improve your #custserv & #custexp with Nicereply - a customer satisfaction survey software, including CSAT, NPS & CES 2.0

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