Using Predictive Analytics to Boost CX for Good

  • Sales needs to understand what causes lost deals and the triggers for upsells
  • Support should identify what causes the most tickets and work to prevent them
  • Product can focus on problem areas of the offering and re-design UI
  • Marketing needs to detail what mediums for ads work best to generate the most leads

Setting your Customers up for Success

What makes your customers successful? You sold a customer the value that your application provides, but how exactly does it provide it? Predictive analytics can help you determine what patterns enable your customers to be more successful.

Set Yourself up for Success

Similarly, as with setting up your customers up for success, you also need to ensure your business is set up for success. Using data collected from your case management system, product usage metrics, and defect tracking system you can start to build models of which customers are at risk of churn.

Preventing Support Tickets

Product manuals no longer exist. Their demise is related to products becoming more intuitive and user experience becoming a focus for companies. It also represents a shift in solving problems when they inevitably arise. As the Technical Services Industry Association found, self-help and providing that help in real time are important trends for support. Predictive analytics can help you catch where errors are and guide the user on how to resolve the problem.

Let customers know that something is about to happen

A more advanced way to use predictive analytics is to prepare support to solve a case.

Predictions Versus Reality

Products often have multiple ways to accomplish the same goals. You may predict that customers follow an expected flow through the product, but analytics show they behave differently.

The New Use Case for Predictive Analytics

Understanding your customers has always been an essential part of a business for long-term growth and success. Companies have learned how to make more money in a variety of ways.



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