Six Ways to Excite and Engage your Support Team

Make them a part of the process

Whenever you are considering a shift in strategy or debating whether you should offer a new level of service to your customers, talk to the employees on your team first.

Offer time out of the queue

People that work in support have so many strengths that aren’t necessarily activated when they are working in the queue. They may have interests that move beyond damage-mitigation and a strong handle on grammar and spelling.

Encourage them to take time off

This might sound counterintuitive. How is encouraging someone to get away from the office going to convince them to be more engaged and active in the office?

Create a mentorship program

A mentorship program increases engagement on both sides of the program.

Provide tons of recognition

People like knowing that the work that they are doing is seen and recognized as valuable. In fact, they are 90% more engaged with their company and team when there is a formal recognition system in place, versus when there is not.

Be honest and keep your promises

When you create a roadmap or say that the support team is going to accomplish a specific goal within a specific amount of time, try as hard as you can to keep to those timelines.


Engagement and excitement on the team may sometimes take a back seat to metrics like NPS, CSAT or first response time — but they are just as, if not more important, for the ongoing health of your team and happiness of your customers.



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