Four Ways to Keep Your Team From Melting Down Through the Holidays

Keep Team Spirits High With an Action Plan

Okay — yes, holiday support volumes are typically intense and do add stress to your team’s already busy workload but (deep breath) you’ve got this! Your team is well-trained, they love helping customers, and they know you’ve got their back with a plan to keep them on-track while managing stress and delivering the same great service every single day.

1. Feed the Team (And Not Just With Carbs)

When things get busy and stress piles up, eating and break schedules are typically the first things to go out the window.

2. Rest the Team (No, Seriously)

So now your team is on a regular snack and meal break rotation, eating well and staying upbeat — great! Just in time, too — as the volumes build in the queues, it’s time for everyone to dig deep and go the extra mile. With everyone so busy, you’re likely going to feel grateful when team members volunteer for overtime or commit to a tightened deadline that will have them burning the midnight oil.

3. Protect the Team From Customers (You Know the Ones)

No matter how hard you work to ensure your team is eating and resting properly, they’re still going to face increased stress from customer interactions. Tempers tend to run short as customers scramble to complete purchases and resolve concerns before the holidays arrive, and your team is going to catch the brunt of it.

4. Post-Holiday Care is Critical (Get Vacations on the Calendar)

Congrats — your team made it through the holidays! All of the hard work and support paid off, and your team (hopefully) has begun recharging their batteries as support volumes return to normal. But don’t put your feet up just yet — your team may not be out of the woods if you haven’t followed up to make sure they are fully rested and ready to dig in again.


As you coordinate your plan for keeping your team happy, healthy, and feeling well-supported through the holiday season, don’t forget to include yourself! Far too often, managers are focused on keeping their teams moving forward through stressful periods and neglect their own well-being in the process. It’s no use for your team if you bring them through the holidays with smiles on their faces but collapse as they head off on their own vacations.



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