Does it Spark Joy? Marie Kondo’ing Your Customer Support Strategy

  • Rule 1: Commit yourself to tidying up.
  • Rule 2: Imagine your ideal lifestyle.
  • Rule 3: Finish discarding first.
  • Rule 4: Tidy by category, not by location.
  • Rule 5: Follow the right order.
  • Rule 6: Ask yourself if it sparks joy.
  • Commit to doing the work and be proactive.
  • Imagine your ideal support setup and think of how you can make it happen.
  • Look for things to reduce, update, or remove. Find what doesn’t work or isn’t worth it and make changes.
  • Consider your customer, then your team, and then your business. They’re all important, but start with the customers.
  • Ask yourself if it sparks joy. Sure, maybe “sparks joy” isn’t necessarily how you’d describe the work you do in a particular
  • support channel, but you get the idea.

Think of Your Customer

  • What kind of support do my customers expect?
  • Which support channels are the most loved by our user demographic?
  • Where do customers currently go to connect with my team most often and with the best results?
  • Which support channels provide the customer experience we’re aiming to provide?

When customers don’t use the channel often

When the customer experience is all wrong

But why?

Consider Your Support Team

  • Is staffing of support channels handled for both customer needs, while also avoiding overworking your team?
  • Are you automating where it makes sense to help reduce demand for your team?
  • Do you provide your support team with the tools they need to do the work?

Staff queues correctly

Utilize the right support tools

Remember the Business

Cost of support

Supporting freemium accounts

Support That Sparks Joy




Improve your #custserv & #custexp with Nicereply - a customer satisfaction survey software, including CSAT, NPS & CES 2.0

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Improve your #custserv & #custexp with Nicereply - a customer satisfaction survey software, including CSAT, NPS & CES 2.0

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