Considering the Benefits of Tiered Support with Shopify [Podcast]

Support teams recognize employees, provide different service levels, and promote professional development in many ways.

Commonly, these goals can be achieved by building out hierarchical ‘tiers’ of agents that allow you to distinguish between roles and responsibilities and create career path opportunities. For example, your front-line team may hand-off to a more technical team when a ticket evolves beyond a certain skill-level or criteria. Justin Reist, Senior Lead of Escalated Support, used this model to build out the escalated teams for Shopify. Tiering can succeed or fail based on crucial considerations specific to your circumstances or desired outcomes.

Join our conversation where we start by highlighting why your team might need to tier and whether the advantages are beneficial to your business and employees. Then we dig further into measuring the program to ensure your customers are receiving tangible benefits.

Justin shares some examples of how tiering can improve cross-functional trust and create more engaged support agents. He is also quick to point out that tiering is not always the solution, and even when it is, you require a plan to re-evaluate the model as your company and customers evolve.

Please listen in as Justin and I explore the value of a tiered support model.

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