Building a Better Customer Experience with the Four Pillars of Low-Effort Service

  • Minimizing channel switching
  • Next Issue Avoidance
  • Experience Engineering
  • Frontline Control
low-effort customer experience

Minimize Channel Switching

Channel switching dramatically impacts customer loyalty

Next Issue Avoidance

Experience Engineering

Three Skills of Improvement

The Control Quotient

  • Resilient
  • Able to handle high-pressure situations without becoming burned out
  • Takes responsibility for own actions
  • Responds well to constructive criticism by managers
  • Able to concentrate on tasks over extended periods of time

Why is the control quotient so important?

  • Trust in rep judgment
  • Rep understanding and alignment with company goals
  • A strong rep peer support network

Using the Four Pillars

  • Minimizing channel switching — including from self service
  • Improving Next Issue Avoidance techniques
  • Training Experience Engineering Skills
  • Boosting the Control Quotient

How do your four pillars measure up?

About the author

Sarah Chambers
Measure CSAT, CES and NPS



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