7 Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Customer Focused Marketing

1. Experience is King

A few years ago, having customer feedback concerning how good your product is and on its price could be sustainable. However, in today’s world, that’s an outright failure.

customer service trends

2. Co-browsing

As much as customer experience is shifting towards human-less interactions, there’s still a trend that integrates human and technological innovations in order to create a bond with the customer. And it’s Co-browsing.

customer service trends
customer service trends

3. Preemptive or Proactive Strategies

Getting feedback from customers whether positive or negative used to be a celebrated method of improving customer experience, however, in the digital era that’s outdated.

customer service trends

4. Personalization

Delivering a blanket approach to your customers is so old-school. Every customer wants a unique experience tailored to their specific personality.

customer service trends

5. Self-Servicing

Self-Servicing is now the standard; specifically, with generation z and millennials. Previously, it was permissible to deal with customers over the phone for every issue they have, however that’s so 2008.

6. Brand and User Integration

70% of the big guns in the global retail market are willing to introduce brand and user integration or IoT to enhance the experience of their customers.

customer service trends

7. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Elaborate technological innovation like virtual and augmented reality experiences are transforming customer experience from it was previously known as.


The world is in its fastest paced era, and in order for your business to remain relevant, you must be in the know of the various customer service trends that can shape the outcome of your business.




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