7 Top Customer Experience Predictions for 2020

Video analytics (the wow factor)

Video analytics will help in analyzing the facial expressions of the customer. A simple analysis of the facial expressions and tracking eyeball can help in understanding whether the customer is satisfied with the product on the shelf. It can entirely change the paradigm of the shopping experience.

Involving all the employees

As per a report, almost 4 out of the 10 mature companies believe themselves as the customer-centric companies.

Call center software for the small business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has progressed by leaps and bounds, which is not used for simply collecting the data but predicting the outcome based on the data. AI is being developed to mimic the cognitive functions of the human being. Companies are utilizing them in different roles to improve productivity, such as handling customer queries in the customer service department and others. When you resolve the customer queries and handle the issues effectively, it automatically helps in good customer experience.

System-of-records (SoR)

Consolidating the crucial information of customer personas, service history, sales, and product details facilitates a 360-degree view of the customer thus providing better CX. System of records or records management improves the response time, facilitates in better decision making, helps in effective retrieval of records, access to the crucial data, and preserves vital information of the customer.

Identifying the customer’s milestone

You need to identify the customer’s milestone to facilitate a better customer experience.

Reinventing customer journey with AR technologies

As per research, it was found that 25% of the customers will defect after having only one bad experience.

customer experience predictions

VR (Virtual reality)

Virtual reality helps in bringing consumers closer to the product with an immersive experience.

customer experience predictions
customer experience predictions


Customer experience has become an absolute necessity for organizations, without which they cannot achieve the best results for their business. As time goes by, the next-generation technologies such as 4-D printing, persona-based interactions, video analytics, gesture controls, and motion recognition are going to shape the customer experience, while building a good reputation for the organization.



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