11 Best Practices for Managing Customer Feedback

What are the pros of having daily routines at work?

  • Smooth start of the day > an automation of your processes.
  • Cutting down your to-do list > as habits become natural each day.
  • Protection of forgetting something > you don’t have to “keep in mind” as many things as before.

Daily best practices for Support Managers

  • You can decide If you want to receive all ratings, or only good, neutral, or bad ones.
  • Choose the frequency of receiving reports (weekly, monthly, both, none).
  • You can export your report as a CSV document.

Check all new ratings in the Rating Feed.

Filter all ratings with comments.

Add tags to ratings

Do a proper follow-up

  • You can set up a rule for opening up the ticket if it’s not solved.
  • You can send a follow-up email and ask customers for a review.
  • You can set up a rule for assigning a ticket with a bad rating directly to the team leader.

Investigate negative rating issues

Bonus tip

  • Go to “Staff” > Click on “Agent” > Click on “Add Agent” on the upper bar.
  • Choose a “Thing or Action”.
  • Create the name of an issue.
  • Confirm it by clicking on “Add Thing or Action”.
  • Click on “Rating detail”.
  • Click on “Edit rating”.
  • In the first bar choose the option “Product Issue”.
  • Save changes (watch the video below).

Weekly best practices for Support Managers and Teams

1. Review statistics of the trigger-based surveys

  • Surveys opened > also known as Open Rate
  • Surveys answered > also known as Response Rate
  • Go to the “Metrics” on the left bar menu.
  • Click on “Overview”.
  • Choose the type of your survey in the first survey bar menu (by default you will see All surveys alternative)

2. Contextual analysis thanks to Team and Agent report

  • An average rating of a particular agent.
  • The number of received ratings (of a particular agent).
  • Check the number of received ratings and average scores.
  • Next, filter ratings with comments to understand what kind of issues the agent solved.
  • Now, analyze the feedback in the context of the ticket.
  • Think about it. Consider if it meets the goals of your internal Quality Assurance.

3. Weekly report

Agent’s bonus tip

Monthly must-do: CSAT / CES / NPS overview

Quick Recap: Keep in the mind

1. Act on feedback

2. Monitor agent’s performance by gathering insights

3. Track your KPI’s through reports




Improve your #custserv & #custexp with Nicereply - a customer satisfaction survey software, including CSAT, NPS & CES 2.0

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Improve your #custserv & #custexp with Nicereply - a customer satisfaction survey software, including CSAT, NPS & CES 2.0

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