10 Tips to Improve Your Feature Request Responses

Let them know what you’re going to do with it

Keep it personal, even if using a saved reply

Give updates rather than making promises

Consider creating a public roadmap and feature request system

feature requests

Acknowledge that you get it

  • That’s a bad idea.
  • That’s never going to happen.
  • We hear this all the time!

Understand what they are asking for

feature requests
feature requests

If it’s a “no,” tell them that

Let them know when you build it

Prioritize them appropriately

  • Where is the customer in their lifecycle? Some teams prioritize customers that are just in the first days after sign-up. The thinking is that your newest customers are most likely to churn.
  • How valuable is the customer that is asking for the feature? Some choose to prioritize the customers that have paid them the most. That’s doubly true if the customer’s segment plays a vital role in the company’s long-term growth.
  • How difficult is the improvement to implement? Some requests, especially small bugs, may be a quick and easy fix. If a small project provides a ton of value to customers, it may be worth it.
  • How many customers have asked for the feature? If your team tracks the number of times each feature’s requested, you can make a more straightforward case to your product team.

Listen to your customers




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Improve your #custserv & #custexp with Nicereply - a customer satisfaction survey software, including CSAT, NPS & CES 2.0

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