10 Quick Work Tasks to Make Sure 2020 Starts off Right

Get your planner planned

If you aren’t already using a planner, it’s time to get on board. Using a planner allows you to organize your day at a glance, prioritize time to take care of yourself, and even see a historical record of the things that you’ve accomplished. There are so many planners for business out there, here are a few of our favorites to get you started:

  • EVO Planner
  • Panda Planner Pro
  • Simple Elephant
  • Bullet Journal
  • The Mastery Journal

Mind Map

Along with getting a new planner, mind mapping can help set your personal and professional goals for the next three months, year, and three years.

Clean up your workspace

Those who work in a clutter-free workspace are able to work steadily for 7.5 minutes longer than those in a cluttered workspace. The same study concluded that an untidy workspace can “undermine people’s persistence in completing work tasks.” Not only will it be harder to find things, but you’ll actually get less done.

work tasks

Organize your team goals

We’ve already talked about planning out things for yourself, so it should come as no surprise that the next step is planning things out for your team. Take the last few days of Q4 to assess your team’s performance over the past year and do a bit of a retrospective. Were there any goals that you missed? If so, why?

Disconnect from the internet

For at least a few days before diving into a new year, take some time to disconnect. A recent study in the Netherlands uncovered that, after just a few days of distance from work and work-related apps, sites and blogs, people were much more cognitively and emotionally available to the people around them.

Refresh your network

When was the last time that you checked LinkedIn? If you’re not actively looking for a job, it might not have been recently. Take some time to login and approve all those requested connections, and glance through your existing ones.

Email filters

The first time that I set up email filters and got to true inbox zero was a miraculous day.

work tasks

Figure out a morning routine that works

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of idealizing your future plans. Of course, you want a green juice and 30 minutes of exercise before you start your workday. Unfortunately, though, for many of us, that isn’t feasible or practical.

Schedule meetings with yourself and breaks

Atlassian recently did a study and found that, at their company, each person spent 31 hours in unproductive meetings each month. Similarly, Hubspot released a study where they listed some of the side effects of losing this “heads down” time. It includes a slew of lost productivity issues and $37 billion in lost time.

Find an opportunity for your company to give back

Not everything needs to be about increased work productivity. There are a few things that you can do to kick off your business in 2020 that don’t necessarily boost your team’s output but give positive inputs instead.


There’s no true hack for living a full life, but these ten tips should get your new year kicked off with a bang.



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